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FiZ-Media – for multilingual advertising materials

We are the strong partner by your side. This means that we plan and implement your multilingual advertising materials such as magazines, flyers, catalogs, and websites. We diligently fill your social media channels with multilingual content. As a full-service agency, we take care of graphics, layout, and texts in all the media you desire. This allows you to be close to your customers and communicate with them, regardless of the language.
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International customer communication

Do you want to be successful beyond the borders of your home country? Great decision! Thinking outside the box and conquering markets means growth for your company. We are your partner for this opportunity. Internationalization is one of the top topics in the current startup scene, it’s absolutely trending, and at the same time, it’s a challenge where we gladly support you.

Print and graphics

Communication at your fingertips! With a well-developed print concept and unique design, you are on the right path to win your customers over.

Custom websites

Nowadays, your website is your always accessible business card. It is available 24/7, even for potential customers on the other side of the world.


Social media is not just about posting images and videos. It is your chance to engage in direct customer exchange and connect with people all over the world.

Foreign language typesetting

Using databases and automation not only allows for particularly efficient production, (but) it also saves you a lot of resources.


Online expert

Do you already have your project in mind, or do you still need some inspiration? Book your initial consultation with Jürgen now and find out why FiZ-Media is the ideal partner for you and how we can support you in achieving your goals.

mehrsprachige Kataloge und Werbemittel

Multilingual Catalogs & Advertising Material

Catalogs, do they still exist?

Absolutely! Many companies have officially discontinued their catalog production and instead incorporated them into personalized mailings. Automation in the print industry has greatly promoted catalog production in recent years.

The traditional print medium is not necessarily limited to the printed version anymore. There are interactive digital catalogs that turn a print medium into an experience. Traditionally, they are still among the media with the widest reach and remain an integral part of many industries. The concept of catalogs has broadened significantly and now includes not only main editions but also smaller mailings, magazines, flyers, brochures, leaflets with integrated postcards, and much more.

Catalogs and FiZ-Media

Since our company’s founding, catalogs and multilingual advertising materials have accompanied us on our journey through the international media landscape. We have always welcomed change and adapted to it step by step. Where prices were once manually typed into conventional catalog pages, we now have database integrations with merchandise management systems and automated workflows.

Our passion for multi-page and, above all, multilingual advertising materials remains strong to this day. The classic catalog has evolved but has remained present and versatile. Especially in times of media overload and the constant pursuit of the next digital thrill, a classic, high-quality printed catalog can be used as me-time on the sofa. Can you feel our excitement?

Multichannel software

Pressing a button and everything happens automatically? Not quite! However, marketing processes can be efficiently and effectively managed when you want to evolve within or with the help of a system. There are established multichannel software providers that are specifically tailored to these unique needs and can be customized individually. Data from multiple sources is put together into a central and especially, media-neutral management system. Based on this, various media projects for print, e-commerce, social media, and more can be implemented.

Structured translation management

An important aspect of multilingual catalogs is the integration and coordination of translators. Once the basic version, which serves as a template for the other variants, is created, the focus shifts to translations. To effectively address the target audience in each country, it is not enough to simply translate the texts literally. Native speakers create formulations that align with the desired wording, emotions, and culture of their country. By implementing a sophisticated workflow and involving all significant groups of people, it can be ensured that all relevant content attributes and features are accurately represented.

Schriftzug: Print-Konzeption und Gestaltungsleistungen

Print Concept and Design Services

Print is alive!

Print is truly a significant part of our lives and cannot be disregarded despite this vast digital world. As practical as all these digital possibilities are, it is also pleasant to hold something tangible in your hands. The tactile haptics, the smell, the ability to flip through… Print evokes emotions in us!

We take care of everything you need for your company in terms of printed materials – of course, multilingual for your strong international presence as well. The major advantage of print? It is perceived as high-quality and trustworthy compared to other media.



Visual imagery


Our graphic services

We offer you a wide range of graphic services, including layout creation and innovative designs, image editing, as well as professional graphics and illustrations. With us, you get everything from a single source.


How would you like to present yourself? An essential part of your corporate identity is a well-designed logo. It should be something special because ideally, it will accompany you for many years. Let us create something that stands out and remains memorable with attention to detail. Together, we will create your brand presence that can also make an impact on the international market.


Creativity is our most valuable resource at FiZ-Media. In our team, which spans across different age groups, everyone has their own talent. This gives us the opportunity to think outside the box and break away from traditional mindsets to create something new and unique. We utilize these skills for you and your company. Let us convince you!

CI, Design, CD

Do you still need the complete brand presence for your company? Great, we are looking forward to collaborating with you, and gladly take care of you! Designing an exclusive corporate design fascinates us each time anew. It’s a joint journey where we discover a lot about you and your company together. In the end, we have created an exciting branding experience.

“Digital, print-friendly, collegial! If you’re looking for inspiration, expertise, extraordinary people, and above all, that extra touch of ‘more, different & better,’ Rennweg 54 is the place to be. I have been working with this fantastic agency for over a decade and I love the professional exchange, the incredible dedication, and the genuine warmth I experience there, no matter the time of day or day of the week. For me it’s like being in a good, long-term marriage: there’s still a lot of passion, meaningful discussions instead of silence, creative dreaming, but also plenty of real action and above all, growing together! At the same time, the foundation/basis of our ‘StayTogether4Ever’ is deep connection, unwavering trust, absolute loyalty, and the uniqueness of this wonderful partnership!”

Johanna Johansson

Head of Marketing & PR
Libermenta Kliniken & BühlerHealthCare AG

Our client references

Our greatest goal is to make you and every single one of our customers happy. Because what validates our work more than a satisfied and smiling customer? Together, we create works and values that allow us to bring a smile to your face and afterwards to your customers as well.

City of Röthenbach an der Pegnitz

We created the 6-page flyer according to the guidelines of the corporate design of the City of Röthenbach. In addition to the fixed elements in the layout, we also painstakingly hand-drew the map with great attention to detail. The respective icons were designed based on photo templates of the original buildings and placed on the map in their corresponding streets. The flyer was printed on both sides on 300g paper and enhanced with spot varnish. This way, the individual locations and beautiful icons stand out best

Libermenta Kliniken

Together with an incredibly motivated marketing team, we had the honor of developing a brand that expresses the vision and passion behind this company. This project wasn’t just about a single product, it was about developing a complete brand concept.

BühlerHealthCare AG

New Visionaries in the Healthcare Sector
We are pleased to be taking new paths in the healthcare sector with BühlerHealthCare AG, starting from logo development to corporate design..

“Because NOW it is the time to… ” destigmatize mentally ill individuals and provide them with the best possible therapy!

Schriftzug: Social Media

Digital Marketing – Social Media

Social Media in
times of internationalization

Every second German company is already operating abroad. Technological advancements are erasing borders and expanding opportunities. And yet, the explicit desire to connect with your customers remains unchanged. Rejoice! Communication with your end customers has never been this easy. The number of users is steadily increasing, not only nationally but globally, as social media connects the whole world.

Using appropriate channels

Do you know where your target audience hangs out? On Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, or perhaps LinkedIn? That’s something you should explore before deciding on the right platforms for your company. Usually, it’s the right mix that leads to the desired success. However, regardless of the strategy, one principle always applies: Content is king.

Of course, it’s not just about filling the respective feeds but also continuously analyzing how your community and the algorithms react. Key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement rate provide insights in this regard.










Schriftzug: Mehrsprachige Websiten

Multilingual Websites

Appropriate web design

Don’t worry, we won’t just focus on the text; we also design your website. We transfer our passion for compelling design into the digital world and ensure a harmonious overall concept. To make your website visible in different languages, we tailor it to the target audience. We create modern websites with impressive layouts that function flawlessly. After all, it’s your global flagship for your company.

Responsive design

Actually, there’s no need to emphasize it separately; for us, it’s all about mobile-first! With the significant changes in user behavior in recent years, we optimize your website for various mobile devices. Of course, we make sure that your company’s site is displayed optimally on different digital devices. This won’t entail any additional costs; it’s a given!


With us, you get everything from a single source. Our writers formulate your content to optimize it for search engines and your target audience. (Beautiful) Fancy words alone won’t help you rise in Google’s ranking. That’s why our offering includes detailed keyword research and audience analysis. Everything happens in consultation with you and according to your personal preferences.

Content management system

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (Content Management System). In 2019, it had a market share of 49% among the most successful websites. It is an open-source project with a large community worldwide that continuously works on this international project. Often, customers have the individual desire to add new content themselves. WordPress is an excellent choice for that purpose. We won’t leave you alone once your website is implemented. At the same time, you will always have the opportunity to work independently with your new system. We would be happy to welcome you to a workshop.

Images and image selection

In addition to the texts, images are the scaffolding of your website. Perhaps you already have a comprehensive collection of high-quality visual materials. Otherwise, we have photographers who can shoot the appropriate photos according to our concept. For everything else needed for professional design, there are extensive options in the world’s image databases. We will research the best selection and inform you about costs and licenses.